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A private, hybrid portfolio of predictable returns mixed with moderately high-risk, high-reward deals will put your returns into overdrive.

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Our approach is honest, direct, and unconventional. By diversifying your real estate investment with emerging technology, our model allows better terms and deal flow with returns consistently strong.

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Better Returns

Be an impact investor. Your advantage is a team well-equipped with market intelligence, a proprietary database of 40,000+ MHP properties and owners, and startup networks throughout Florida & North Carolina.

Shared Risk


We invest capital on each acquisition alongside investors. We also pay preferred returns before our compensation, take a “hands on” approach on each deal, and use a sensible degree of leverage to mitigate risk.

What Works

Our Thesis

We invest in manufactured housing communities and emerging tech across industries. Our deals focus on properties and technology located in the golden “path of progress.”

Diversify your portfolio


We have a unique deal flow model unlike anyone in the MHP/RV space. Our team is a hybrid of leaders from commercial property, management, finance, and healthcare with a reputation for collaboration.

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Co-invest with high net worth Investors in privately curated deals.

For two decades, we have successfully brokered, owned, operated, and invested in over $2B in alternative investment assets.

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Founded By Industry Leaders

Founded by real estate and tech leaders, we offer a unique balance of investments. As the name “OtherStreet” suggests, we are unconventional in our strategy and we get creative in our selection of companies and properties to invest in. With 20 years of evaluating and investing in various asset types, we curate deals that preserve and grow wealth.


Accelerate Your Portfolio

Trusted within our local community and among national partners, we provide accredited investors the platform to invest alongside us on select opportunities. Whether manufactured housing communities, RV parks or technology companies, we provide risk-adjusted returns while preserving and growing wealth for our investors and families. Our proven track record of owning $30+ million in properties and investing $1+M in real estate and tech companies is just a start to our success. To join our deal flow calls and stay current on what’s emerging then let us know!

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