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The OtherStreet Management Team has hands on experience and a proven track record to preserve and grow wealth for property owners. Every real estate investor deserves a firm that will operate on his or her behalf—with care, accountability, and integrity.

For many investors, purchasing a community or giving up control to a 3rd party management company is the single biggest decision of their life. We do not take this lightly. If you are considering 3rd party management and would like to discuss how we can help we are here to listen and to provide a solution.


Third Party Management Services

• Optimize Park Performance
• Daily Operations
• Project & Asset Management
• Collections
• Financials & Budget Reporting
• Home Repairs & New Home Installation
• Disposition Strategies

Management Partnership

In addition to our management services, we also selectively partner on acquisitions and provide the following:
• Third party reports
• Acquisition underwriting
• Disposition underwriting
• Financing
• Providing Equity

Other Street Property Management has the attention to detail, dedication, and commitment to both tenant satisfaction and property owner interests that allows them to excel to industry leadership in this asset class. I entrust them with all aspects of property oversight and it is always a pleasure working with them and seeing their management firm expand. I highly recommend them for anyone searching for property management.

Peter Wade Riverstone Properties

    Leisure Meadows

    About The Property

    In 2016, Other Street purchased Leisure Meadows. Prior to our ownership, the community’s operations were not being run properly. The past owner managed the community from Pennsylvania and had several delinquent residents, community violations, several homes that were vacant and needed renovation, below market rents, and WWTP issues. Within 6 months we implemented strong management, all the homes were renovated, and we executed a plan to increase value.

    • Purchase date: July 2016
    • Purchased for $2,900,000
    • 2021 value: $8,000,000
    • Increased revenue from $29,500 to over $50,000
    • Increased below market lot rents from an average of $310 to $385-$410
    • Increased rental rates from $695 to $975

    • Hands-on management
    • Community events and involvement
    • Built new office
    • Remodeled clubhouse
    • Built pavilion and grilling area
    • Installed playground
    • Repaved the roads throughout the community
    • Annual tree trimming
    • Fixed infrastructure issues
    • Installed new maintenance building
    • Put in new vinyl white fencing
    • Improved signage at the entrance and throughout
    • Filled 80 lots with new homes

    Park Place

    About The Property

    In the beginning of 2020, the owners were considering selling the property because of several challenges they could not rectify, such as poor management, high delinquencies, maintenance and zoning issues, among others. After placing the property on the market they approached us about partnering on the deal to increase the value and reduce the chances of a distressed sale. In November 2020, we took over.

    • Partnership date: November 2020
    • Value at time of partnership: ~2.2m
    • Anticipated end of 2021 value: ~4m

    • Filled 12 lots including 10 new homes
    • Reduced AR by $26,000
    • Rehabbed 6 homes
    • Hired and trained new on-site management
    • Increased below market lot rents
    • Properly billed back for water and sewer
    • Completed necessary cap-ex projects
    • Resolved zoning issues with the city
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    OtherStreet Management Team

    Casey Shipman


    Deal Finder
    Chief of Efficiency
    Results Driven

    Jim Murro


    No Nonsense Manager
    Franchise Operator
    Diligent Nature

    (407) 900-9986 Ext. 2
    Casey Shipman

    Deal Finder
    Chief of Efficiency
    Results Driven

    (407) 900-9986 Ext. 707
    Jim Murro

    No Nonsense Manager
    Franchise Operator
    Diligent Nature

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